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Somatics and our DNA


Energy in nature moves in spirals, elliptical shapes and circles. Whether it's in our body through the heart or the planets in movement, a fern opening to the light or sea shell growing from its centre into spirals as it gets larger or the energy our organism expresses through the double helix spiral of our DNA..

These spiralling manifestations often follow the Fibonacci sequence or other mathematical principles, reflecting efficiency of development, movement as well as expressing beauty in natural design.

Somatic Movement

A Somatic view is that everything we experience in our lives is a bodily experience i.e the body is in the mind. According to Thomas Hanna PhD, who coined the term Somatic Movement, "decrepitude is not inevitable, it is by and large both reversible and avoidable."

Somatics is a form of re-education it re-awakens the mind's control of movement, flexibility and overall health directly through the central nervous system.  

Somatics at it's heart begns with tiny internal movements using the bodymind connection as a gateway to access a quieter interior whilst enhancing both an inner and outer ease of range of movement. Supported by different practices, we start to notice how wonderfully organised our human organism actually is.  And with practice in class, at home or with One to One, over time we notice how tiny movements and breathing not only help release pain, but also to build new neurological pathways bringing more relaxation and joy of life by replacing sensory-motor amnesia with sensory-motor awareness. 

Somatic movement opens our awareness to the importance of recognising that our energy moves in spirals. We can recognise its affects, just like an involuntary yawn. This allows movement to pandiculate, it is not finite, quite different to the focus of stretching. Somatics helps us to tap in to the natural movement of the whole body yawning to release unwanted tension. Like a cat or dog.


In class we are concerned with the physical aspects of mobility from a functional perspective.  Through practice, we may also become mindful that at the same time as taking an outward posture which we may consider as static when viewed from the outside, there is also an unseen internal response that is a sensational continuum of movement. This happens when the inernal fluids, such as sinovial fluids, become more viscous and more mobile, creating a heightening of the senses enabling us to recognise more easily mental and emotional challenges, such as feeling a little "off balance" or a desire to twist to help release excess tension. 

Breath and Memory

As we become more familiar with the role of breathing to enhance a deep sense of ease and and wellbeing. With this new found freedom comes a natural yielding, a timeless ease of being, as if time stands still.   Sometimes, we may consider a part of our body to be sleepy, numb or painful. Or there may be a disconnect or heightened response between body, mind and memory.  Maybe these patterns of holding stem from an accident, surgery, injury or abuse. This may leave us feeling out of sorts, detached, isolated, not like our normal self.  It may indicate that trauma may be present in the muscles and cell memories.

So this is where Somatics helps us to become more aware, to slow down, to allow time for a response thorugh the neurological pathways as we welcome our journey on the path of loving kindness. This may be something we have never ever done. It is necessary to help develop awareness of the body's natural response to feeling safe, being relaxed and finding deep relief with a sense of coming home to to our self, to the love that we are.

Workshop; May 25 Unwinding Tension Saturday 1030-1200 Wallace Room at Tythe Barn

Immersive: July 27 Twists and Spirals Saturday 1330-1630 Tythe Barn

Resource: Gary B. Meisner, The Golden Ratio, The Divine Beauty of Mathematics


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