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Somatic Movement

Life's challenges take us off balance.  This is when a helping hand can  guide us to find a sense of safety and stability to build balance and confidence for physical, emotional and mental health.
When we are in unresolved pain, whether physical, mental and/or emotional, trauma is stored in the cells, sometimes affecting the neurological system.
Horsham Yoga offers muscular-skeletal re-education combined with the boundless freedom beyond the constrictions of the mind. These practices are included, where appropriate for the student, in a general yoga Class and available for your personally designed  in-depth enquiry in  
One to One ,  private sessions with Kathryn. 
Somatic movement in One to One Sessions offer personalised support. A session includes an individual and personally evolving routine for a safe at home personal practice.  Suitable for when we are in need of extra support in helping to navigate the challenges of day to day life, the challenges of body and mind for life maintenance. One to One Somatics allows time to address injuries or areas of the body that feel awkward or unsettled and parts of the  mind that need a little extra attention and time to settle.

On a physical level, we often find, over time that the muscles may be pulling the skeleton away from alignment.  Somatics allows times to trace the origins of any disruptive muscular-skeletal changes from unusual habits that may be causing pain and disruption to posture.  In this way a private session may be a bonus to rehabilitation.

Small regular Classes are also available for those ready to engage in community with others to explore this route as a possibility to bring into their personal yoga practice., in class and/or at home.  


I can't believe after years suffering with neck and back pain, having sports injury massages, osteopath, pain killers, then just a couple of classes with Kathryn and there is an easeful tension release. I walked into  class in lot of pain and walked out pain free. I shall keep up the practice at home in between classes. The Saturday class suits me really well.  Thank you.  Joanna

Background Research
During his years of research as a philosopher Hanna developed Clinical Somatic Education, known today as Hanna Somatic Education.  He followed in the steps of Moshe Feldenkrais whose method uses enhancement of one's awareness to address dormant areas of the Self and promote larger and more graceful ease of mobilisation.  In so doing, this utilises the nervous system's own ability to create change and improve movement.
What is Somatics?
A Somatic viewpoint is that everything we experience in our lives is a bodily experience i.e the body is in the mind. Furthermore decrepitude is not inevitable it is by and large both reversible and avoidable.  Somatics is a form of re-education it re-awakens the mind's control of Movement, Flexibility and Health directly via the central nervous system.  It can include tiny movements using the bodymind connection as a gateway to access a quieter interior whilst enhancing both an inner and outer ease of range of movement. Supported by different practices, we start to notice how wonderfully organised our human organism actually is.  And with practice in class, at home or with One to One, over time we notice how tiny movements lead to stability in larger movements and how effective movement of the diaphragm not only help release pain and tension, but also helps build new neurological pathways bringing more relaxation and joy of life by replacing sensory-motor amnesia with sensory-motor awareness.
Can I take Weekly Classes or One to One? 
Whether One to One or in a Class all practises may form the basis of progressive and gradual realignment of muscle memory in the middle of the body that feed out through the nervous system to the periphery of the limbs..  This way, muscles ease and release the constrictions that hold us back from being more of who we truly are.  One to One has the added advantage of having notes from the session to encourage development of a home practice to perpetuate a habit of muscular re-education and deep-self care.  Just like walking the dog or brushing our teeth this supports both happiness and wellbeing.

What Happens in Class?
In class we are concerned with the physical aspects of mobility from a functional perspective.  There is an internal continuum of movement rather than the body being static in a pose. There is a heightening of the senses enabling us to recognise more easily mental and emotional challenges such as feeling a little "off balance."  As we become more familiar with the role of breathing to enhance a deep sense of wellbeing with this new found freedom comes a natural yielding, a timeless ease of being, as if time stands still.  
Sometimes, we may consider a part of our body to be sleepy, numb or painful. Or there may be a disconnect or heightened response between body, mind and memory.  Maybe these patterns of holding stem from an accident, surgery, injury or abuse. This may leave us feeling out of sorts, detached, isolated, not like our normal self.  It may indicate that trauma may be present.
Class offers practical time to understand and access a yoga and meditation practice to help find more space and comfort in the body which can feel like a satisfying yawn for the whole body. 
One to One sessions offer guidance for your own personal and particular needs.  Private sessions come with a home take-away of notes and recordings from your session to support you in developing your own home practice.  Practising this way helps Integrate trauma that can be life changing and help to return to class or gain confidence to join-in a public yoga group.


In my teens I had rods inserted into my spine to support a scoliosis.  Many years later the rods were removed leaving me in  pain along with neurological challenges and restricted movement.  I came to see Kathryn, without any expectation. The effects were remarkable. For the first time, since surgery, I could feel primal reflexes in my spine and head.  I now have a specific home practice and continue to attend weekly classes to expand, explore rest and relax, and with more connectivity gain a greater understanding of change and its boundless gifts.  I feel so grateful. 

With thanks.
Sally Physiotherapist

Somatics Horsham Yoga.jpg

I had one private session. With Kathryn/s guidance,  that's all it took for me to explore how I can do a short yoga  practice at home,  without upsetting my lower back. I work away .and when I can, I attend weekly classes to extend my repertoire.  This helps to keep my home practice fresh

whether at home or when I am away working.

Highly recommend.   


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