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Qigong with Kathryn Varley Horsham Yoga

Weekly Class

Qigong Beginners 1130-1230 Monday, The Yoga School, Horsham RH13 5DZ

Free street parking.  See Map for location.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Healing Art, a system of smooth, seamless movement with ease of breathing.  Qi means energy, Gong means to cultivate.  Qigong helps us cultivate more energy.


How does Qigong Work?

Qigong invites us to explore circular, elliptical and spiralling movements that mimic nature. Spiralling appears in our own DNA, as well as in nature and it is how the universe moves and evolves. Consequently,  spiralling is the way our body naturally moves internally, around its own central axis. Qigong guides the way to heighten our awareness of not being separate from but being a part of nature and of the universe.


Qigong affects every muscle in the body, including small muscles that most forms of movement overlook. Different series of 18 movements are known as Shibashi.  It is said, when mastered these may form the foundation for the practise of  Tai Chi. 

A progressive weekly classes, suitable for Beginners, introducing the gentle movements of these ancient Healing Arts. In the beginning, you will start with  basic short forms while continuing to recap and progress at your own pace in each class towards learning a simple series of seamless breath and movement.

In these classes you will get to feel and understand the importance of your 'posture' as a naturally balanced, easy way of standing and breathing to feel a greater sense of stability through the legs and feet, calmness of mind, ease of breathing and walking, enhancing circulation and mobilisation of the limbs and whole body as well as improve mind focus for raising confidence and radiate a glowing sense of wellbeing.  Start where you are today.

Benefits of Qigong

Benefits are many.  Strength in the muscles of the legs, arms and torso, increased energy levels, improved lung capacity, digestion and elimination, more ease of flow and range of movement, stability in balance, ease of breathing for relief from anxiety, depression and nerve pain. Flexibility in body, mind, creative thinking, cultivating a deep sense of awareness of being connect not just to our own body but to all life.  Qigong practise may also be adapted for the chair or bed bound and may easily be done at home.

Qigong is useful for those challenged to get down and up from the floor, or in and out of bed,  as part of a learning programme to regain better range of day to day movements that we often take for granted as well as for improved movements in all the joints of the body, including the spine.

Medical Studies of Qigong conducted by Universities in the States on balance show how practising Qigong helps to prevent falls. It is also effective for Cardio Pulmonary disorders and intestinal problems and is used to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Migraine headaches minimising chronic pain. In China, Qigong is favoured in Cancer treatments, helping patients recover from chemotherapy and in some cases to reduce medication. Qigong is also excellent for Stress Reduction, Hypertension and Insomnia to support our Mental Health needs.

Weekly Qigong Classes

Qigong Beginners Monday 1130-1230 at The Yoga Studio, Victoria Street, Horsham

Qigong with Yoga Wednesday 1015-1115 at The Friends Meeting House

See Timetable  or contact Kathryn direct in the form below to try a FREE no obligation class.


I've been having tummy issues, wasn't sure about coming to class. Needn't have worried.
The gentle movements of qigong
and ease of breath in stillness made me feel much better and my back and shoulders feel great.


Kathryn is helping me stretch my mind as well as my body! I have now adjusted my car driving seat posture and office chair, and am much more mindful how I walk and move my body to pick things up off the floor. Its been a real eye opener. 


Kathryn is a compassionate and empathic teacher who gives time to explore movements, stillness, gravity and connection to the breath. This promotes self awareness, allowing one to delve deeper on so many levels
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