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Image by Daniel Mirlea

Intermediate Yoga
with Kathryn Varley

Intermediate Class

Monday 1815-1945 Tythe Barn, Pondtail Road, Horsham RH12 5JF.  Free on site parking. See Map

What is Intermediate Yoga?

Intermediate Yoga  may be better understood after after a couple of years of regular weekly classes with experience over extended periods of time like Workshops Immersives  or Yoga Retreats that span over several days or weeks.  Class is also helpful for those who favour a regular home yoga practice and wish to refine their personal experience and understanding of their own yoga.  Valuable for yoga improvers, post grad teachers and for those considering taking a yoga  teacher training.


Kathryn shares a 40 year personal practice.  As a Yoga Elder she offers the benefit of her in-depth experience as a “shared-enquiry”, a way of co-teaching that offers invitations for yoga explorations and welcomes interaction via feedback.  This informs a deeper sense of personal enquiry for learning and embodying practices via the senses giving direct access to the central nervous system, which is never the same on any given day.  At this level, it is to be expected that student's are already familiar with 'listening' to the queues from their own body and at the same time able to explore a guided invitation offered as a means for further investigation.



Sessions begin with a thoughtful introduction to the theme for the class accompanied by a short meditation.  Rather than learning rules and techniques, each class is focused on a foundational principle that can be used as a springboard for almost limitless application.  All classes are gently experiential, powerfully stimulating as well as radically restful and relaxing.


The Yoga of Compassion is therapeutic, rehabilitative, restorative and support is given to the neurological system with the addition of  Somatic Movement.  Within the structure of what is offered, Kathryn demonstrates progressive points of entry, enabling students to make intelligent choices.  This serves to honour the body, its level of conditioning and your personal individual structure as well as how you may be  feeling on any given day.


Students speak for themselves.  You will find Testimonials at the bottom of most pages on the site. They often report dramatic shifts in frame of mind, and their experience of reduced pain in the body, increased agility, mobility, balance and range of movement as well as a renewed sense of pleasure in a more efficient way of moving, being curious, creative and generally feeling better about their body, mind and life.  More insights below.

If you feel you may benefit from an Intermediate approach Contact Kathryn and let her know your practice needs. You are most welcome to come along,  try a class and decide for yourself.


Kathryn is positive, encouraging
and very knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga.
Always sensitive to my needs.
I first started Kathryn's classes
24 years ago.
I enjoy her approach and always recommend.


I  feel uplifted and ready
to face anything after class.
Kathryn is very caring.  Adapting, to suit the needs of the individual,
she prioritises  comfort in her approach to yoga.  
  Her easy, personality just adds to a very rewarding experience.


Kathryn is a compassionate and inspiring yoga teacher.
I learn something new in every single class, and always leave feeling refreshed and renewed.
I recommend Kathryn  to absolutely anyone, and everyone. I have been practising over 35yrs
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