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Kathryn Varley Horsham Yoga

 About Kathryn Varley 
Horsham Yoga

My interest in bio-mechanics, how the body moves and breathes, along with exploration of possibilities within the muscular skeletal system, to find a more natural ease and range of motion, is one of the driving forces that continue to stimulate my interest in yoga today.  


Enquiring into potential for relief from mental, emotional as well as physical pain have been at the forefront of my own practice.  


This offers fertile ground for a personal in-depth enquiry for those with a very busy life and a curious mind.  Here,  Somatic Movement, 

offers  a view into how our behaviour is inextricably linked not just to the mind but also how it is deeply reflected in the body, affecting our mood, breath and emotions for mental, emotional and physical health, all at same time.  

Kathryn Varley Yoga Horsham

Kathryn Varley Yoga Practitioner

Curiosity has led me to study and train  with some of today's luminaries in their fields. Here just a few : 

Richard Miller Phd - Programme for Recovery from PTSD

Caroline Myss  MA Theology, Phd Energy Medicine  - Anatomy of the Spirit 

Thomas Hanna - Somatic Movement, Muscular Skeletal Re-education

Donna Farhi, The Teachers Teacher,  Keynote Speaker,  Author and Activist

John Stirk DO, Fellow of the London College of Osteopaths, Yoga Mentor and author of The Original Body

Scroll down to see Kathryn's Specialist Areas of  Study and click Yoga for her Backstory of here for Classes

Currently on Therapists listing at Kingswood Practice, Horsham offering private one to one sessions

Specialist Areas of Study 

BSc in Metaphysics 2006, USA

Anatomy of the Spirit, 2006  with Caroline Myss MA Theology, PHd Energy Medicine, international key-note speaker, publisher and author of 10 books.​

Certified Teacher of Sivananda International,  Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy 1992​

Certified Yoga Therapist, 1993 - Phoenix Rising USA.  Body oriented psychotherapy, an embodied practice.  Michael Lee MEd 

Advanced Chakra Training and Certification Programme 1993, with Psychologist, Somatic Yoga Therapist and author of 71 books on Goodread, Anodea Judith PhD with author and Choreographer Selene Vega. Tracking the human energy field, "the gears that run the machinery of our lives", offering a Western Body Eastern Mind approach.

Professional Level Yoga Practitioner with Kripalu MA USA  1996-2000


Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy & Prana Teacher Training 2001, with Paul Grilley, Anatomist and Lecturer at UCLA University USA, yoga teacher trainer and author of Yin Yoga, A Quiet Practice. Studies in conjunction with international Yoga Trainer, Buddhist Practitioner and author of Insight Yoga, Sarah Powers. 

Yoga Practicum with John Stirk, Fellow of the College of Osteopaths London, Practitioner of Cranial Osteopathy, Yoga and author of The Original Body.

1995-2006 .

2012-2014 Integrative Practitioner iRest - Certified Teacher and Facilitator of Integrative Restoration, iRest, with Richard Miller PhD Clinical Psychologist, author of iRest Programme for Healing PTSD. 

Archarya two year Intensive Study Programme - Facilitation Certification, 

2015-2017.  Teacher of Teachers from life experience as a Yoga Practitioner in the Lineage of Swami Kripaluvamamdaji.  Kripalu Yoga, The Yoga of Compassion.

2016 Warriors at Ease USA - Professional Certification, for teaching in Military Settings to military personnel returning from active duty. 


2023 The Inspirational Yoga Teacher Certification  Donna Farhi, with Lisa Petersen

Somatics, on-going practice since 1998.  Bodymind re-education with pandiculation, directly affecting the musculoskeletal structure and neurological system. The term Somatics was named and developed by Thomas Hanna PhD.

On-going personal practises since 1993 with Qigong and The Healing Arts London School of Chinese Medicine and Master Sifu Rod Morin Canada.


Continuing study with International yoga teachers teacher, key-note speaker, activist for the safety and rights of practitioners in the propagation of Yoga Practices, author of five yoga books, Donna Farhi New Zealand.

Thank you for visiting this page.  If you would like to try a free no obligation one to one or class please contact me and let me know your interest. 

Read about Kathryn's Yoga Practice  Back Story 

Currently on Therapists listing at Kingswood Practice, Horsham offering private one to one sessions


 I always feel uplifted and ready to face anything after attending class. Kathryn is so caring too - adapting poses/moves to suit the individual, making sure you are comfortable and able to get the most out of yoga, physically and mentally. Her easy, friendly personality just adds to a very rewarding experience.


I gained confidence to try other forms of  yoga .
Kathryn was my very first yoga teacher and I have yet to find a better one.
Classes are suitable for beginners and improvers - you will find a warm welcome and learn so much about yourself and yoga.


Kathryn is very experienced and yet continues to explore new ways of accessibility.
As students we join her to learn how better to navigate this world to observe and partake.
I am happier, healthier and more self-reliant.
I am so glad our paths crossed.
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