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Horsham Yoga Beginners 

with Kathryn Varley

The Yoga of Compassion, classes that are safe,  developmental and organic,  suitable for Beginners. Yoga and Meditation to build awareness, help mobilise and strengthen the body, improve balance, breathing,  agility, resilience and flexibility as well as soothing the nervous system and calming the mind helping us to address and take care of our mental health needs in an  ever changing world.


Concerned about finding the right class.  You are welcome to try  a  FREE class and see for yourself.


Everyone is  encouraged to approach yoga with a Beginners Mind, because a Beginners Mind never grows old.  All that's needed is willingness and curiosity. Any body,  any ability is welcome to class.   


Classes are taught in simple stages, easily adaptable for body type, personal needs, range of mobility all may be modified or offered with the additional support of a chair.  The chair forms a level playing ground from which to begin meditation and learn to welcome yoga as a state of being where we meet life.

"Time just disappears.  Amazing how such relatively

straight forward movements can be incredibly effective.  

In Kathryn's class, I feel comfort in my body

and 'inner chattering thoughts begin to settle'


What you will Learn


You will learn how to support your challenges and how best to assist yourself make change within different ranges of movement.   We will investigate mobilisation of the body to increase flexibility with flow of breath and consider how yoga impacts our life and raises the spirit. Come and start where you are today.  Everyone welcome.  All that is required is curiosity. For more on Beginners Classes scroll down.


Also available for Beginners is an introduction to Qigong




You will learn adaptable postures to suit your personal body type  so you may enjoy working within safe parameters to boost confidence, increase range of movement, flexibility, balance, strength and stamina. You will reap the benefits of a quiet mind with relaxation by naturally connecting to the flow of breath and the pull of gravity, and experience how both together ease the body and calm the mind.


"Thank you for making me feel very welcome at your classes.

I enjoy them tremendously.  

Every class is different, the content stimulating and rejuvenating,

just what I need and been looking for"





By watching how we normally breath we learn a lot about where unnecessary tension is causing restriction in the body. Breathing techniques will be introduced to improve lung capacity,  heightening awareness  as it unfolds.


"It is well known with asthma that the lungs deteriorate over time.  

At my last check-up I was overjoyed to be told

there's a lung improvement.

 I know I am doing the best thing possible for my body, mind and breath.  

I am grateful."





Deep relaxation is the key to health and happiness. With the introduction of  Yoga Nidra you will learn techniques that you will be able to use not just in class but also at home.


"I was having a great deal of trouble with my arms and shoulders.

Kathryn's suggestions enabled me to take part without feeling isolated.  

And in relaxation I settled in a happy place, where pain dissolved."





As a result of the above, concentration is developed to encourage a single pointed focus.   As breathing becomes slower the mind finds calmness.  In time you will find yourself simply being the watcher of the movements of the mind rather than getting caught up in the distraction of mind chatter. Mindfulness in all yoga practices is essential. You will learn several meditation techniques.

"I  enjoy the stillness of meditation. 

I feel renewed energy in my spine

and next day my back feels so much better."


Beginners Classes

Thursday 1800-1900.  This is a dedicated class for Beginners.  Improvers welcome 

Wednesday 1015-1115.  A class that includes Qigong with Yoga suitable for Beginners.  

Tuesday 1130-1330.   Yoga Light. Suitable for Beginners.  Mixed ability every body welcome.

Saturday 1115-1215.  Yoga includes Somatic Movement.  Suitable for Beginners. 

See Timetable for venues etc

Why Yoga?


You may be curious and just starting out from scratch or may have recurring injuries, illness, even had a bad experience of yoga in the past or simply wish to recap to gain confidence. This class is for you. Enquire by filling in the form at the bottom of the page and ket Kathryn know your needs and requirements.


You may be concerned about body image, stiffness, being inflexible, unable to cope with aches and pains or simply the daily madness of having a crazy, busy mind.


No worries, everything in yoga is adaptive and sometimes we use chairs, which means class is suitable for absolutely anyone who i s curious and willing to have their own unique experience.


Here there is no one size fits all.  What you get on this Course is adaptive, restorative. meditative and relevant to your life.


What to Wear and Bring


Please wear comfy stretchy or baggy layers of clothing.  You will need a yoga mat and a small blanket for relaxation and some water. We work barefoot or in socks. Any concerns or questions Contact Kathryn


The meditation has taken me to a much calmer less reactive place in my life.

I am now more able to relax

and to be with my breath consciously, particularly when needed

in every day challenging daily situations, I am now able to calm my mind.

A life saver!


I was really surprised at class today.

I had a stressful week,  my mind was racing and I was feeling a bit down.  Somehow, after the postures and breathing all that tension evaporated. During relaxation I felt a strong wave of energy whilst feeling totally at ease, relaxed and calm ..  all at the same time


Through gentle focussed techniques pain in back and knees has been alleviated and I have been able to relax and sleep better. Kathryn made me feel welcome and part of the group from the very beginning; she is an extremely knowledgeable, patient  teacher

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