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Image by Jf Brou

Horsham Yoga Workshops

with Kathryn Varley


Thank you very much Kathryn for a really enjoyable Yoga Workshop, liberating both physically and mentally.   Qi Gong felt natural, warming and loosening specially working outside. I loved the free movement.  At the end the yoga nidra was so absorbing I felt transported and I came home
feeling renewed.  


Enlightening yoga workshop
which has enabled me to start to understand the need to live in the present through the body and the breath,  resisting
the pull of the ever-chattering mind which can live in the past and the future, thereby re-writing historical facts or distort the future.


The key take-away for me
was the warmth of compassion, both for those around me in the room
as well as  for myself.
I experienced this through the
listening session.  
When the mind is quiet, I truly connect to my own heart, to others
to nature
as awareness itself.

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