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Taj Mahal

Horsham Yoga Classes

with Kathryn Varley

 First time?  Ask Kathryn for a FREE Class 


I really enjoyed my first class. 
Tops of my legs ache a little
but the knots in my neck
and shoulders have gone and so has the soreness in my chest
from shallow breathing.
Thank you. 
See you next Saturday.


Kathryn's teaching is compassionate and empathetic.  She explains in simple terms, nothing  complicated.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every class and have been introduced to lots of new amazing things.  
I've been practising yoga on and off for 30 plus years!  


In just three yoga sessions, I now know what my body is trying to tell me, that this is the sort of yoga I have been looking for, something deeper, able to address all my needs, not just the physical ones. I'd actually call it a spiritual experience
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