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Listen to Nature

Trees breathe out Oxygen

our lives depend upon it.

We breathe out CO2

which the tree converts

to tree food during photosynthesis


Life is a balance of Grace. Yoga offers a perspective of our relationship with our life and how we engage through the senses to connect our Inner Nature. There is much to enjoy in the practises of slow relaxing sessions of infinite possibilities to freedom.


Qigong offers a perspective on our relationship with nature, movement and the elements. It is

an ancient Healing Art, a system of smooth, seamless breath, with movements that naturally mimmick Nature to engage with our Senses.

Yoga and Qigong Workshop

Workshop:  May 13 The Yoga School, Victoria Street 1100-1230 Yoga and Qigong Fee £18

The Healing Art of Qigong


Qi, means energy, Gong, means to cultivate.  So Qigong helps us cultivate more energy by harnessing energy generated by exploring circular, elliptical and spiralling movements that mimic nature. Spiralling appears in our own DNA, as well as in nature.

Spiralling is how the universe moves and evolves. Consequently,  spiralling is the way our body naturally moves internally, around its own central axis. and the central nervous system that branches out from the spinal column. Spirals are a fundamental pattern found throughout nature, representing growth, evolution, and flow of energy.

Qigong guides the way to heighten our awareness of not being separate from but being a part of nature and of the whole universe, affecting every muscle in the body, including small muscles that most forms of movement overlook.

Qigong is an ancient Healing Art, it forms a foundation to a healthy range of movement, improved mobility, balance and breathing whilst building resilience and calming. Different series of 18 repetitive movements are known as Shibashi.  It is said, when mastered these form the foundation for the practise of  Tai Chi. 

These arts, whether in the healing or fighting category connect us to nature, where various phenomena exhibit spiral patterns, such as the unfolding of a fern's fronds, the growth of a seashell, or the swirling motion of galaxies. These manifestations often follow the Fibonacci sequence or other mathematical principles, reflecting efficiency and beauty in natural design.

Similarly, the movement of energy within the human body, like the flow of Chi in traditional Chinese medicine or Prana in Yoga, are often described in terms of spirals or vortexes. These concepts suggest a dynamic interplay of forces and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit with all human life, with Nature and the World Around Us.

Yoga and Qigong

Curious to see how Qigong may deepen your understanding and enjoyment of Yoga? Come and explore with a workshop that encompasses both Qigong and Yoga in one session.

Workshop: May 13 The Yoga School, Victoria Street 1100-1230 Yoga and Qigong Fee £18


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