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Horsham Yoga

Accessible Adaptive Meditative Yoga
Somatic Movement Facilitation
Yoga Therapy

 Kathryn Varley Yoga Elder

Timeless, Ageless Yoga  Classes in Horsham with Kathryn Varley at Horsham Yoga.  Supporting a

Somatic  approach to Yoga Classes ,  Workshops

and  Immersives for all ages, abilities and ranges of motion.  Suitable for Seniors, from Beginners to Intermediate and Post Graduate Yoga Teachers.

First class FREE.  A radically gentle, meditative approach. Chairs are available in all classes.

Nothing to lose but tension. Scroll down to read what others share about Horsham Yoga.  Be Inspired.

Ask to try a  FREE class.

Kathryn Varley Yoga Elder Horsham Yoga

Yoga Practitioner Kathryn Varley 

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Our mental health and happiness is vital for heart, mind and brain, as well as body and emotional health. A whole person compassionate approach embraces the wisdom of being inter-connected, not just to our body or even to our mind,  also to being inextricably interlinked to our environment, to nature, to our planet as well as to one another and to all life itself.  

As an Osteopath and a client, what impresses me most about Kathryn is her knowledge of the physical body
as well as the subtle energies.
Kathryn brings deep care for the needs of her clients.
I highly recommend her to my patients

James Sumerfield DO, Harley Street, London

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