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Smooth Walking

Your body might feel stiff, reluctant or uninspired after a long winter. But as the weather starts to change and temperatures begin to rise, this is the perfect time to bring the vibrant spring energy into your whole being. Introducing the wonders of Somatic Walking!



To work with the body, we first need to feel it. This is the key to a Somatic approach. During the first part, we welcome the breath and notice it, just as it is. Using our sense of touch along with movement we become deeply aware of how the body feels when it moves. We’ll go through the whole body with special attention to the feet and the major joints.

Focus: Interoception and proprioception

Reward: A sense of being at home in our own body, a sense of living life in a body to the full.



After spending months indoors, the body is most likely stiff. To walk with ease, we need a sense of fluidity where the body is more mobile more pliable. With slow, mindful movements, we open hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. Softening also serves to hydrate muscles, tendons and fascia. 

Focus: Release and activate our tissues and prepare the body for walking

Reward: A sense of wholeness and lightness.


Smooth Walking

Exploring our connection and awareness of the following:

  • Foot and ankle stiffness

  • Foot strength and elasticity

  • The connection between the toes, heels and glutes

  • The five balance points in the body

  • Yield and push

  • Tiger walk (rhythm)

  • Walking Yoga Nidra

Focus: Proprioception in movement, sensory feedback

Reward: More freedom, more pleasure!


Qigong and Yoga Monday May 13th and July 22nd at The Yoga School, Horsham introducing some of these aspects of Smooth Walking

Inspiration: Peter Appel, Movingness



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