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One Clear Intention for 2024

So here we are at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. What kind of New Year's Resolutions will you make this year? How effective have those been of year's gone by? Or is the process a never ending list of unachievable outcomes even though they are filled with the very best of intentions.

What if instead of going full-out with the traditional approach of Resolutions, this year each one of us decides to make just one clear Intention. And what if that Intention was to fulfil a simple heartfelt desire to be kind.

The word fulfil means to satisfy a requirement or succeed in developing one's abilities or qualities. It is a creative process of sharing self-expression not just for the good of our own wellbeing and happiness but for the benefit of our relationships, our communities, our world communities and our interaction with other countries and our planet. It is the art of our very being to be kind, compassionate and caring to our Self and others..

So let's see if it is true, instead of repeating unobtainable resolutions of old, let's be clear about just one heartfelt desire,. to make just one single Intention. What if we were to make that single Intention to be kind. and observe through a yoga lens how it may blossom into a gloriously satisfying self-practice of small acts of compassion as a way of opening our hearts to one another, to community to Joy itself, to our own true nature.

Exploring what it feels like to be more natural, without mask wearing, without lies, deception, manipulation, extortion, expectation of rewards or bonuses and instead embrace our own wisdom and the freedom to choose to be kind, compassionate, welcoming all life, and one another with the tenderness of holding a new born baby.


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